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By Forest Hills Gastroenterology
December 16, 2016
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A colonoscopy helps find colon polyps, tumors, ulcers and areas of inflammation or bleeding. Dr. Samantha Nazareth and Dr. Azeem colonoscopyKhan at Forest Hills Gastroenterology, located in Forest Hills, NY, and serving the New York City area, offer appointments for colonoscopy services. Read on to find out when you should have a colonoscopy.

1. You are 50 years old or older.
Individuals who are at average risk for colon cancer should have a colonoscopy at the age of 50. Over 95 percent of all colon cancer deaths occur after age 50. Colonoscopy is an exam that uses a long tube with a camera and light to look inside your colon and rectum.

2. Colon cancer runs in your family.
You should get your colonoscopy if you have colon cancer in your family history. A colonoscopy allows your doctor in the New York City area to search for polyps, cancer or other diseases. Colon cancer starts in either the rectum or the colon. Symptoms of colon cancer include stomach pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss, weakness and low red blood cells. A colonoscopy can diagnose cancer before the symptoms start.

3. You have health insurance.
Once an individual reaches 50 years old, most colonoscopies are covered with no copayment or co-insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Remember that prevention is better than a cure. There are no financial implications, so there's no reason why everyone should not have one.

4. You want to live a long life. 
Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. The good news is that with a regular screening, the cancer is almost completely preventable. According to a recent study, colonoscopies can reduce the risk of dying from colon cancer by about 53 percent.

Don't take risks with your health. Your health is your most valuable possession. To schedule a colonoscopy appointment, call Forest Hills Gastroenterology in Forest Hills, NY, serving the New York City area at (718) 459-8460 today. A simple colonoscopy could save your life!