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What Should I Expect From Orbera?

See the weight loss results you’ve been craving with help from this popular gastric balloon procedure. 

Do you feel like there are so many barriers when it comes to losing weight? If you feel frustrated by your inability to lose weight, you’re not alone. We’ve been told that exercising regularly and eating healthy is all that’s needed, but for some of our patients that simply isn’t enough to help them shed the weight. If you are an adult who is obese or significantly overweight, this gastric balloon offered by our New York City gastroenterologist Dr. Azeem Khan may finally help you see results at one of our convenient locations in Forest Hills, and Hollis, NY.

You’ll Come in for a Consultation 

The first thing Dr. Khan and his team want to do is to get to know more about you and your weight loss goals to make sure that you are an ideal candidate for Orbera treatment. Along with receiving the Orbera balloon, you will also receive one-on-one nutrition coaching and guidance from our team before, during, and even after the balloon placement and removal procedures. Anyone with a BMI between 30 to 50 could be an ideal candidate for the Orbera balloon.

During the Orbera Procedure 

The placement of the Orbera balloon only takes about 20-30 minutes and it’s performed under conscious sedation. Once sedation has taken effect, we will insert a thin, flexible scope into the mouth and guide it into the stomach. The scope will help Dr. Khan and his New York City team guide and insert the Orbera balloon into the stomach. Once the balloon is placed it will be inflated with saline solution. Patients are able to go home the very same day after treatment.

After the Orbera Procedure 

It’s normal for patients to feel little nausea for a few days after placing the balloon. The balloon will remain in the stomach for a full year. During this year, we will continue to work with you to create healthy and sustainable dietary and lifestyle choices. This is key to the long-term success of losing and keeping the weight off, even once the balloon is removed. According to Orbera’s site, after just six months on the program, people lost about three times the weight that patients did through diet and exercise alone.

If diet and exercise aren’t cutting it and you want a solution that will help you make smarter, healthier choices with regards to diet and eating, then the Orbera system may be ideal for you. To learn more about the Orbera procedure, schedule a consultation with our New York City gastroenterologist at Forest Hills Gastroenterology at our locations in Forest Hills, and Hollis, NY, by calling (718) 459-8460. 

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