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By Forest Hills Gastroenterology
July 23, 2018
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What your gastroenterologist in Forest Hills and New York City wants you to knowweight loss

Trying to lose excess weight can be difficult and frustrating. If you’ve tried dieting, and exercise doesn’t seem to help, it’s time to think differently about weight loss. It’s time to discover the benefits of the non-surgical weight loss balloon system from Orbera.

Dr. Azeem Khan at Forest Hills Gastroenterology wants to share the facts about this revolutionary method of weight loss. He proudly serves residents of Forest Hills and New York City, NY, and he can help you too.

The Orbera balloon system for weight loss uses a deflated balloon, which is inserted into your stomach and filled with saline solution. This makes you feel full, so that you eat less, consuming fewer calories. At the end of 6 months, the balloon is deflated and removed from your stomach.

There are many reasons why people choose Orbera compared to other weight loss methods. When you choose Orbera, you can count on:

  • Rapid treatment, because the procedure only takes about 20-30 minutes
  • Quick results, because the balloon is only in place for 6 months
  • Cost savings, because there is no hospital stay required with Orbera
  • Comfortable treatment, because Orbera treatment is performed with only a mild sedative
  • Continuous support, because you will be seen by a professional dietician throughout treatment

Orbera treatment is recommended if you are an adult and have a BMI of 30 to 40. You also have to be able to participate in a medically supervised program of weight loss.

Orbera is a safe way to lose excess weight. Over the last 20 years, thousands of people have lost weight. Orbera is FDA approved, safe and effective, and has been used in over 80 countries worldwide.

To view informative videos and find out more about Orbera, please visit the Orbera page on the Forest Hills Gastroenterology website at http://www.foresthillsgastroenterology.com/orbera.html

Weight loss can be challenging, but now there is safe, effective help to lose weight and regain your health. You don’t need to count on diet and exercise alone. Get some help from your gastroenterologist by calling Dr. Khan at Forest Hills Gastroenterology, serving residents of Forest Hills and New York City, NY. Call now!