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What You Should Know about the Gastric Balloon Procedure

Are you wondering whether the gastric balloon could finally help you lose weight?

If you struggle with obesity and are having trouble losing weight despite eating right and exercising, our New York City gastroenterologist, Dr. Azeem Khan, can help your issue with the help of gastric balloon treatment. A gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure that can assist patients with obesity to finally see the results they want. Of course, there are some things you should know about this procedure to find out if it’s the right to help jumpstart your weight loss journey.

The gastric balloon is placed non-surgically

The procedure is fast, often taking only 15 minutes to complete. Prior to placing the balloon, your New York City GI doctor will numb your throat before inserting the balloon into the stomach using a very small catheter. Once the balloon is placed, it will be inflated with air or a special solution before the catheter is removed.

The purpose of the gastric balloon is to take up space within the stomach so that the patient feels fuller faster, which then results in eating less. This procedure makes it possible to help those who have obesity lose weight without having to turn to surgery.

A gastric balloon is only right for those who have severe obesity

A gastric balloon isn’t right for everyone. You may be right for a gastric balloon if you’ve been having trouble losing weight despite a healthy diet and regular exercise or if you are dealing with other health problems as a result of your obesity (e.g. diabetes). An ideal patient will also have a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40.

There are no restricted foods with the balloon

Certain meal plans and weight loss programs often nix certain foods, making it difficult and restrictive to adhere to for long periods of time; however, instead of restricting any foods, your gastroenterologist will focus on portion control and moderation, which includes eating healthy with the occasional treat (because we all need to treat ourselves at times).

This is not a permanent solution

A gastric balloon is only left in the stomach for six months before it is removed. Of course, your gastroenterologist will also be working with you the entire time to ensure that you are maintaining a balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle. While the balloon can provide amazing results, it’s these doctor-supervised support programs and long-term lifestyle modifications that go a long way to motivating patients and helping them reach their long-term weight loss goals.

You will continue to receive support from your doctor even once the balloon is removed to help you maintain your results and to support your continual weight loss efforts.

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