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What is a Weight Loss Balloon?

Losing weight can be a challenge, and even discouraging if you've tried different diets and exercise programs with little to no results. For Weightmany people, a weight loss balloon can be a helpful way to lose weight and keep it off. Read on to learn how this amazing little device can have a big impact on your health and appearance, and contact the team here at Forest Hills Gastroenterology in New York City to set up an appointment!


What is a weight loss balloon?

Weight loss balloons, also called intragastric balloons, take up space in your stomach to limit your food intake. To install one, your New York City gastroenterologist will use a thin tube called an endoscope to insert the deflated balloon into your stomach through your esophagus (food tube) and fill it with saline, a solution made of salt and water. Placement of the balloon is a short outpatient procedure, meaning that you will go home the same day. However, since you'll need to be sedated for the placement, you'll need someone to drive you home.


How can a weight loss balloon help me?

Weight loss balloons are designed to help people reduce the amount of food they eat in a sitting, thereby cutting calories and changing the hormones that affect appetite. In turn, losing weight can help to reduce the effects of health problems that often accompany obesity, including sleep apnea, diabetes, and high blood pressure. This gives you more energy to maintain a safe and beneficial exercise program.


Is a weight loss balloon right for me?

Typically, patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40 with no prior stomach-related surgeries are the best candidates, especially if they've made unsuccessful efforts in the past to lose weight. Your mindset will also determine if a weight loss balloon is right for you. After all, you must be willing to make permanent changes to your diet and exercise routine in order for this procedure to be successful. During a visit to our New York City office, your gastroenterologist will do a full examination and consultation to see if you could benefit from this treatment.


Interested? Give us a call

If you'd like more information about weight loss balloons, contact Forest Hills Gastroenterology in New York City for a consultation with Dr. Azeem Kahn or hid physician's assistants, Adelina Aranova or Zara Hassan. Our office can be reached by dialing (718) 268-0418.

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